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believe the conference should maintain our current sugar policy which will help protect american jobs. as the ranking member of the house foreign affairs committee, i'm freakily reminded that our system for delivering food aid abroad is an outdated vestige of the 1950s. let me say that chairman royce agrees with me. it takes far too long to take food it to starving people. it often harms agricultural markets in the countries we are trying to help. in these times of budget belt- tightening, we need to find a better, more efficient way to distribute aid. the provisions in title iii of the senate bill are modest, commonsense reforms that will help the u.s. save more lives with our overseas food assistance while ending inefficient practices that waste u.s. taxpayer dollars. while i support all of the food aid reforms included in the senate bill, i particularly 3008ort section which would in -- increase cash- assistance. specifically, this provision would allow our food aid programs to include up to 20% cash funding, which would allow the u.s. to use the most appropriate tools to respond t
to target foreign leaders' intentions to try to determine what the best policy might be for the united states of america? thing ithe first learned in intelligence school in 1963. leadership intentions, no matter what led -- level you are talking about. believe the allies have conducted any kind of espionage activity against the united states of america, our intelligence or otherwise? >> absolutely. >> are you familiar with a story from the former french head of the dcri? >> that is the french domestic intelligence organization. >> let me read you a quote. i am amazed by such disconcerting naÏvetÉ. you'd almost inc. our politicians don't bother to read the ports they get from their ourlligence -- think politicians don't bother to read the reports they get from their intelligence department. say, some of this reminds me of the classic movie casablanca. my god, there is gambling going on here. it is the same kind of thing. alexander, in your experience as director of the security agency, have allies in the united states engaged in anything that you call and espionage act toward the unit
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2